Wedding : The Honeymoon

Matt and I chose to go to Kansas City for our honeymoon. We debated back and forth between driving to North Carolina, the Gulf Shores in Texas, or to save money and go to Kansas City. We decided on the latter as Matt and I had never been there together and it was going to be the cheapest option for us. We don't do much traveling, so Kansas City was such a treat!

Upon arrival we went to the Country Club Plaza. We were starving and hastily ate at P.F. Changs as it was convenient and something Matt had never tried. It was delicious and all but we really couldn't wait to eat at the local restaurants Amanda Watters, from the blog its the little things, recommended we try. After eating we strolled through the shops and Matt purchased these coasters from Anthropologie for me for a wedding gift. I had been pining over them for way too long!

We checked into our hotel, Harrah's, which was really nice. Matt and I had only ever stayed in a hotel together once before, in our four years together! This is where our down time came in, where we hadn't planned enough to do so we went to some shopping mall and got gelato. So fancy, I know! It was fun just to people watch and eat delicious gelato. I had planned on going to dinner but we were so full from lunch that we decided to just go to a movie. Matt had been wanting to see the new Godzilla because Brian Cranston, from Breaking Bad, was in it. We went to the coolest movie theatre, Screenland Armour. When we got to the theatre we were so confused because it also housed a bar and mini arcade.  Such a great idea. I know we have the Moxie Cinema here in Springfield, but they so often play such pretentious movies that no one has ever heard of. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some great movies there but when you'd like to have a drink and see a big Hollywood production you can't go to the Moxie. And surprise, Brian Cranston, is only in Godzilla for a split second!

The next day we went to the Blue Bird Bistro, recommended by Amanda, for breakfast. I loved how they served water out of wine bottles! And the skylights were so beautiful. We had a delicious breakfast of the 17th Street Benedict and Strawberry Mint Pancakes. The coffee was also tasty! Matt was able to talk with the owner of the restaurant about their farm-to-table menu and what the farmers markets are like in Kansas City. I loved that we had our honeymoon during the middle of the week so that we could do things like talk to the owner of the restaurant about produce.

We drove around the neighborhood Blue Bird Bistro was located in for about an hour. The houses are so well taken care of and we loved how there were old houses mixed in with super modern houses. I wish Springfield would take a cue from KC!

To get that tropical feel of a honeymoon far far away we went to the aquarium. We didn't realize it was such a kid-friendly place but still had a lot of fun. We were able to touch some sea urchins and listen to the stories of some of the sea creatures. We will definitely take our future children there and maybe even to Lego Land.

Even though there wasn't much going on at the River Market on a Tuesday we decided to check it out. We went into the coolest farm store, Planters Seed & Spice Company. I bought Matt a broadfork for a wedding gift, which he has used religiously on the farm since.

After browsing we returned to the same neighborhood to eat at The Westside Local, another recommendation from Amanda. We sat out on the deck which was such a cool little spot. Matt ordered Windhaven Burger and I had the Kale Salad and the Chicken Salad Sandwich. I think I had the best bite of a burger I've ever tasted at this place and my chicken salad sandwich was to die for. I want to move to Kansas City for these two restaurants alone!

While in Kansas City I had to visit the art museums. I was sad to find out that the Nelson was closed while we were there but we did manage to visit the Kemper Museum. I love modern art and I especially love the kitschy art of Wayne Thiebaud. I remember Matt standing next to me in front of a piece by Helen Frankenthaler, I was just in awe of the thing and Matt just started laughing. I got so frustrated because he just doesn't get her work!

We gambled a little later that night. Let me tell you, I did not enjoy gambling one bit! And I don't know why anyone enjoys it. How can you throw your money away like that? I think we lost all our gambling money in a matter of five minutes! I was not happy.

Our honeymoon was a sweet little trip for us. So if your in need of a nice budget friendly getaway Kansas City is the way to go. Ask bloggers you like in cities you want to visit for recommendations too! Thanks to Amanda, we were able to try restaurants made for us.

Our next trip away from Springfield is a float trip at the end of the month with our dear friends. 

What did you do for your honeymoon?

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