Camping : The Jacks Fork & The Current Rivers

This past weekend Matt and I went on a float trip with our friends Catie and Mike, our partners in Sower's Row. Last year Matt and I took a canoe down the Current River and floated nearly 30 miles if I remember correctly. This year we took a shorter trip of 22 miles. We put in at Alley Spring and ended up at Owls Bend.

This trip was a little more extravagant than our last. We ate foil packs filled with potatoes, red peppers, onions, and brats, s'mores, bacon, and eggs. Last year I think we brought a can of beans! These are the only two camping trips I have been on since I camped with my parents at K.O.A. camp sites. Much more rough! I woke with bruises all over my tush from sleeping on rocks.

We found the best swimming spot and brought along a diving mask. Man, was this the investment of a lifetime! It was the first time I could see under water since I could remember. As I'm nearly blind I prefer to wear contacts and of course I can't open my eyes under water so that diving mask was such a treat!

We are planning to go in September but with kayaks this time!

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