Wedding : The Reception

Our wedding reception was a blast! We had Happy Chef Catering Co. serve our guests Rosemary and White Wine Garlic Chicken, Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans Almondine. My mother made gallons and gallons of homemade wine and we also served our favorite craft beer, Tow Head, from Mother's Brewing Company. My mom also made all but two of the tasty cakes, Matt's mom made the other two. From what I've heard they were all amazing.

Afterwards, we were forced to do the obligatory feeding of the cake and crossing the arms with champagne. I did not want to do this, nor did Matt! I think we specifically stated to our DJ that we did not want to do this, but what's a girl to do when the DJ announces to all of your guest that your going to do it? You do it. Our DJ kept insisting that we needed more photos of those two moments, thus the strained faces. I was mortified because I was struggling to keep the champagne down as I do not like champagne much.

For our first dance, Matt and I, chose Tom Waits - Picture In A Frame. It was such a long song so we started laughing because we were awkwardly dancing for so long. I danced with my dad to Billy Joel's, "Vienna." None of the other fathers and daughters were dancing until I forced my brother and his teenage daughter to dance near the very end of the song.

I had so much fun dancing with my nieces and nephews. I would pull some layers of tulle up to my chest and the girls would run under my dress. The girls couldn't stop giggling! My sister-in-law kept asking me to dance with my nephew, which he was very apposed to, but I finally grabbed him and made him dance with me. He had fun, I'm sure of it!

My friends from college came in for the wedding from KC and St. Louis and I'm so glad we got a picture together. We were all in the art education program at Missouri State University together. We missed our dear friend, Becca, because she moved to Colorado with her sweet husband and adorable step children. After the wedding several of us shared the thirteenth photo with our professor from the program.

Durring the anniversary dance there were so many sweet couples on the floor. Matt's brother, Taylor the best man, and his girlfriend Hana didn't hear that the dance was for married couples and entered the dance floor and were the last to leave. We were cracking up! The marriage advice we received from the  couples that had been together the longest was hilarious and slightly inappropriate! It was so nice to see my parents and Matt's parents dancing next to each other so happily. We are very lucky to have parents still together. It gives me so much hope for our marriage.

When I went to throw the bouquet I realized that Brandy, our officiant, was not in the group of girls. I asked the DJ to wait and went to grab Brandy from outside. I love the photo of the bouquet in the air with my sister-in-law, Brandi, reaching out for the bouquet. I so wish that she or my sister, Hollie, the maid of honor, would have caught it. Brandy caught it and I was hysterical because Brandy and Kyle, our photographer are together. I just thought it was so funny!

The last two shots are the groups Matt and I spend the most time with. Our close friends, Mike and Catie, weren't able to be in the photo as they had to go home and take care of their sweet baby we love so much.

We have such beautiful friends and family and I am so thankful to everyone who came out to spend the night with us!

Did you do anything differently during your reception? I'd love to hear about it!

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