Easter 2015

Matt and I hosted our first holiday dinner, Easter 2015. The funny thing is, we're not even religious. Why not celebrate Spring anyway? Easter was once a celebration of the Spring Equinox before it became a celebration of the resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ.

I went through this funny faze of holiday decorating for Easter. I bought a banner, some little egg ornaments, and little bunny figurines. All to later look at and ask myself why in the world? Flowers are decoration enough! So before my in-laws came over for a delicious feast I packed everything away, gathered the daffodils from the back yard and placed them in the milk glass vases scattered throughout the house.

Soon after we moved into this house almost five years ago, I painted the window in the door that looked out onto the unsightly back porch which houses our refrigerator and animal food with chalk board paint and it has been on of my favorite touches to our kitchen. When there isn't something written in bad calligraphy up there it usually hosts Matt's to-do lists.

I made a carrot cake using a box mix and topped it with violets from the yard. It was such a pretty cake and I'm not ashamed that it was from a box, because man did it taste good. Growing up holidays were so exiting but also extremely difficult for me. My mother would put way much onto her plate as everything had to be homemade and perfect. It stressed me out so much I'd often end up in tears because I had done something incorrectly in helping my mother out. So I decided to make some things easier on myself so that I wouldn't make the people I love feel the way my mother had made me feel. (No worries, she doesn't read by blog.) I bought pre made rolls too. I spent the most time on the green beans because green beans have to be made a certain way on the holidays! They require fresh snapped green beans sautéed in garlic, butter, and sun dried tomatoes and slivered almonds are added. Matt made a lovely pork loin cooked in a creamy wine herb sauce. I also made scrumptious deviled eggs for the first time and placed them on a thrifted milk glass and gold egg plate. My in-laws brought a delicious spinach salad, potato salad, and strawberries.

I was really excited to use the heirloom dishes we were given my Matt's parents too, now I just need some cloth napkins!

I can't wait to host another holiday dinner!


  1. I love getting little glimpses into your home! What year was it built?