Happy Valentine's Day!

1. A little red heart hanging on our back door.

2. Scrabble pieces above the kitchen sink to greet my sweet heart each morning.

3. A transparent pink heart garland hanging in our dining room. Made last year using this tutorial which I revised to make into a garland.

4. Heart doilies stuck to the front windows.

5. A "peony" heart wreath made with tissue paper peony flowers, burlap ribbon, and a heart wreath form. The sun has created this ombre effect on the petals over the years making it even better.

6. This sweet card for my darling from Amanda Wright of Wit & Whistle and a subscription to the new show Better Call Saul.

7. A sweet pin I made for the Valentine exchange at the Galentine's Event put on by the lovely ladies of  Coterie Creative and Frolic Vintage.


  1. Your decorations look adorable. And I love that card. Tell me what you mean by a subscription to the show. Is it available all by itself somewhere? We cancelled our cable service, but there are just a handful of HBO shows I miss that I can't watch online.

    1. Thank you! My husband bought a Roku when he bought our TV (impulse tax return purchase). With Roku you can purchase a season of a show in advance, so whatever is currently airing you get those episodes the day after it airs. We bought the season of Better Call Saul through Amazon Instant and they have a ton of other shows. We like The Walking Dead, hence the card, but that season is half way over so we are purchasing the episodes individually for $2 each which is way cheaper than buying the season.

  2. AHHHH! Did you attend that event? I bet it was FUN!

    Love that wreath!!!