Wedding : The Portraits

Taking bridal portraits was more fun than I thought it would be, though in most of the photos I didn't have a smile on my face because I was so nervous!

While posing for the portraits, my photographers asked me for the reason behind the use of the Geronimo balloon. I answered with an, "I saw it on Pinterest and liked it!" And then I immediately felt embarrassed because there was nothing of importance behind the balloon and shouldn't everything put into a wedding be important? I suppose it did have a purpose as an eye catcher on the highway for our guests.

My mother, as mentioned in a previous post, used to be a florist when I was little. She made my bouquet which came out so beautifully! My favorite pieces of the bouquet were the huge bright pink peony from Matt's mother's garden and the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus stems that added in a perfect touch of greenery. My sisters, the girls with dark hair, carried a small bunch of tulips.

My dress was made by misdress on Etsy. It was a quite the leap of faith to buy I dress I wasn't able to try on but none of the dresses I tried at David's Bridal were what I wanted. After hours and hours of browsing Etsy I finally found the dress closest to my dream dress, convinced my mother that all would be fine, and we ordered it. I was so excited when it fit perfectly. I wore earrings from Loft, where I worked during my time as a substitute teacher and durring my first year as a teacher. On my feet were a pair of Seychelles which were so comfortable to wear for hours on end.

I asked my sisters to wear a blush pink dress of their choosing and they chose well. My friend Brandy, the blonde, initiated the wedding and wore a similar dress to my bridesmaids. My mom wore the cutest peplum dress and my dad bought a new suit for the occasion. They looked pretty darn fancy!

After taking these photos my sisters had to lift each and every piece of tulle in my skirt to get bugs, ticks, and wood chips out from the layers. I found a tick in my hair later that night. Oh the things you will do to get a good photograph!

Tomorrow I will post about our very non-traditional ceremony!

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