Cookie Swap

I am slowly discovering that I do not have a sufficient camera for blogging purposes nor the memory to actually take snapshots of events. So without actual photos of the event I will write a little bit about it. Recently I hosted my first cookie swap. I asked the ladies to bake four dozen and take four dozen in an invite I designed myself and printed on printer paper and tucked in with my holiday cards.

I made Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies using this recipe. I substituted the white chocolate chips for dark chocolate and the Andes Peppermint Chips for regular ol' crushed up candy canes! I was very proud of myself for adapting a recipe.

I also made this drink. It was exciting to mix a mixed drink because I usually take to beer and wine. I changed this recipe a little bit too... Instead of adding in pomegranate seeds I used cranberry-pomegranate juice. I also bought the mason jars for the occasion but I have been ogling them for a while now as daily drink ware. While I have jumped on the mason jar bandwagon I have not jumped on the paper straw bandwagon and substituted those for cut-to-size plastic straws. Soggy paper in my mouth is no fun.

A thanks goes out to Brandy for her No-Bake cookies, Lyndi for her Starlight cookies, Casey for her Toffee Crunch cookies, and Morganne for her Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookies!

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