St. Louis

Matt and I recently took a quick trip to St. Louis. We stayed with his brother Taylor and his cat Sammy while his girlfriend Hana was away on safari. The night we got there we went to Sasha's on Shaw where Taylor and Hana both work. The place was darling and filled with costumed people for the Halloween festivities. The walls are lined with wine bottles from their wine selection and they had the best patio with little pit fires and a garden filled with pumpkins. We had the Grilled Veggie Pizza, some Crispins, and Matt had some of the darkest beer I have ever tried.

That Saturday we went to the St. Louis Arch which I was ridiculously excited to see because it is such a great piece of art and architecture. We didn't go up into the arch because Matt is afraid of heights and we didn't want to spend the money. Just to see it was treat!

After that we went to the St. Louis Galleria. Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, and H&M were the stores I had to go to. And sadly, I ended up talking myself out of every purchase. I am good at that which makes me angry when I leave a store like Anthropology with nothing in hand including those $8 coasters that I've been lusting over for years now. Do any of you do that, talk yourself out of everything? I suppose it is a good trait to have if your trying to save your pennies!

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