Scratch That

We are no longer moving! Matt and I had such troubles attempting to find a new rental that we decided to sign another year long lease with our current landlord and deal with showing the house every once in a while. From missing kitchen drawers, to gaping holes in the floor near walls, to stinky pee stained carpets, and an increase in rent we decide staying was our best option. And I am so glad.

In other news I drew a portrait of a close friend's one year old yesterday morning for her first birthday gift. As I was unable to attend the party because of my second job I was glad to hear everyone really liked the portrait. I am hoping for forthcoming commissions! Any takers? I am considering opening an Etsy shop once I have several portraits completed.

Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte Ann Davis!

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  1. Kate! So glad you guys get to stay! And that portrait is amazing. I would take you up on that offer for sure!