Motherhood: 2nd Trimester Update

Above is a photo Matt took of my fourteen week bump in our back yard on Father's Day. My nausea and morning all day sickness seemed to have stopped at week thirteen which I was so grateful for! The nausea was quickly replaced by constant starvation. After eating a large meal I feel stuffed for just fifteen minutes and then I am extremely hungry again. I get these "hangry" episodes where I get so upset over being hungry. Do not cross me when I'm "hangry."
Matt took this photo at week 15 on a visit to a local park that we hold dear in our hearts, he proposed on a picnic there. I haven't been bike riding like I used to, so taking walks every so often is keeping me somewhat in shape. And yes, I have already started wearing some maternity clothes. That bump is no joke! I am trying my best to continue being as frugal as possible by wearing my regular clothes as long as possible and purchasing more fluid and longer tops. Also stretchy skirts and shirts have been my best friends. It is proving difficult to save money when pregnant but we are making it work.

I took this amazing self portrait today at week 17 of this pregnancy. I have mad "skillz" right? My neighbors may have been pointing and snickering the whole time but I am having a good hair day and this just had to happen! I mean, I missed last week's bump photo because I was feeling really down in the dumps about myself so why not take advantage of feeling good and snap a selfy?

This is Matt and his dad sporting matching 'staches on Father's Day. It was nice to celebrate him on his first Father's Day! I bought him Jimmy Fallon's book Dada which we can't wait to read to Baby Ham. Matt's parents bought him a little beard oil too. We talked with his parents about what they want to be called as first time grandparents and they agreed on plain-ol' Grandma and Grandpa. My parents want to go by the German Oma and Opa so this works great! No Grandma "Surname" and Grandpa "Surname"which I called my grandparents and always felt so formal.

We had our first ultrasound at week 16! While this was such a great moment it did not even compare to hearing the baby's heart beat for the first time at week 13. I cried then. I did not cry when I saw our growing baby though which I found so strange being such a visual person. We go back at the end of the month for another check up and then on August 13th we will find out the sex of our little ham! I am very excited for that moment because we can then call our baby by their name instead of Baby Ham.

The ultrasound technician also gave us a couple of videos of our little one moving around a little:

Matt and I made a mobile a few weeks ago. It was really nice to do something for the baby together and it turned out beautiful. I used birds from the floral department at Michael's and clipped them on to some branches from the back yard. Matt used fishing line to balance the twigs which allows them to spin around in the breeze from the fan. While most mobiles I have admired during my pregnancy are in the $60 range, this mobile to a mere $8 to make.

I'll be back with an update at some point! Blogging is hard. Until then, adios amigos!


  1. I LOVE THAT MOBILE SO MUCH! And you are the CUTEST!!!!

  2. Wow, you look adorable pregnant. Good for you, not letting rude people interrupt selfie opportunities! And ultrasound GIFs?? Great post.