The Little Things

Source: Seashore Tides

Lately it has been pretty difficult to enjoy the little things in life. I torture myself with all these other blogs and images over the internet. Striving to look a certain way and create a lovely living environment, it is completely impractical for my current situation. Matt has to constantly remind me to enjoy those little things in life like perfect homemade tacos, a clean house, bird watching, and quality time with each other, friends, and family.

While I am so appreciative of the little things, I see several individuals around me that have so much more. I wonder how they are able to live the way that they do. Then I remind myself that I am only twenty-three and I received my undergrad just under a year ago, I am just starting out. And really, I have done a lot. I moved away after high school and managed to complete a five year program in four and a half years. And over the last five years I took my first plane ride to the East Coast, met my future husband, rented a beautiful house and lived in it for the past two years, and found my first teaching job. (Not on the East Coast, mind you.) After all that I want to do so much more and I just can't seem to right now. Those individuals may just have bucket of luck or they are digging themselves a hole with credit card debt, one of the two (or not.) And in most cases it is probably the latter, and that is something I am grateful I do not have to deal with.

I am taking steps so that I can do what I want. Taking commissions for artwork and saving my pennies here and there, basically trying to make more income so that eventually I will be making enough to put way and save for a home. When I stress over ideas like this, it relieves me to find that there really aren't any good houses for sale right now anyway, so it must not be the right time!

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