Christmas Wish List

This year will be the first year my family and I will not be celebrating the holidays at our home in Wichita, Kansas. My parents moved to Westcliffe, Colorado over the summer to retire and build their dream home which I have yet to see. Driving to Colorado would make for an excruciating drive from Missouri so we decided that my older sister, Hollie, would host the Christmas festivities this year in Pratt, Kansas!

We also decided that we would cut back on gift giving this year and make it more about spending time with family, which I am tickled about! I will be making gifts for my nieces Nicole and Jaysa and nephews Devyn and Clint. I am very excited to get started on something handmade and thoughtful for the youngest members of our family. Those gifts will be posted after the holidays as to save the surprise for those tech savvy kiddos.

Though we decided to not get gifts for each other as adults I am so used to making my annual wish list I couldn't resist to skip the tradition this year! Something to replace painful contacts, something useful, something beautiful, something to set brews on, and a little sparkle for my feet.

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